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Knee Pain

Dr. Jeff Denning, DPT, Cert-CMFA
Owner and Founder of Invictus Rx

Are You Tired of Having Knee Pain Limit Your Activities?

Have You Attempted and Failed to Relieve Your Pain? Do you want to be worry-free and pain-free? If so, keep reading to find out how Invictus Rx can assist you.

Don’t give up your way of life to solve problems.

If this describes you, we’re delighted to have you here and eager to help.

Invictus Rx is the BEST option for you and your knee pain. It’s time for US to help YOU get back to your favorite hobbies, free of pain and worry.

We understand how difficult it is to maintain an active lifestyle when suffering from chronic knee pain.

You’re a person who is active and has goals. You have lofty goals.

However, since your knee discomfort has returned, all of your goals have been put on hold.

Rather than exercising, you should stay at home and rest your knee until it no longer hurts.

This is not how anyone should live.

You do not intend to be hampered.

Instead, your knee continues to make daily decisions for you while your plans are put on hold.

It appears that life is slipping away from you as you struggle with knee pain.

Your confidence is eroding by the minute.

You want to return there stronger than ever.

In response, we have arrived.

We at Invictus Rx can help you resume your pain-free active lifestyle.

We work with you to help you achieve your goals, eliminate discomfort, and perform better.

Do you want to know more?

Please contact us for pricing and availability!

The Truth Is That There Are Numerous Methods for Relieving Knee Discomfort. We’ve Seen Everything.

Maybe you tried…

You don’t want to give up. You are opposed to surgery. Do not pass up this chance.

After considering each of these options, you are left with only temporary solutions.

We don’t offer quick fixes

Here's the issue:
Some people have been told that the cause of their knee pain is simply living an extremely active lifestyle.
That is not correct.

Your knee pain is an impediment, a source of concern that must be addressed.

The truth is

We, unlike the other men who tell you to…

These actions are neither common nor required.

When you visit Invictus Rx, your discomfort may (and will!) be alleviated.

You may be wondering how Invictus Rx differs from the competition.

We withhold this information from you because we are aware that all of these are only temporary solutions, and we do not provide such solutions.

At Invictus Rx, YOU are our top priority. We offer solutions so that you can resume living an active lifestyle free of limitations.

The most crucial factor is that we want you to regain your sense of self.

the strong, confident, and powerful individual who loves to live an active and pain-free life.

We make that promise. Since time is the most valuable resource we all have, we make it our mission to help patients lead pain-free, active lives free from limitations.

You can count on us to look out for your interests. We focus on YOU and YOUR goals, and accomplishing those goals is our number one priority.

We make an effort to be a resource for the trainers, coaches, and players in the Idaho Falls vicinity. We take pride in never stopping and continuously trying to maintain Idaho Falls’s health and lack of suffering.

Together, let’s find a solution to your knee pain.

Ask us about our costs and availability right now.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Invictus Rx in Idaho Falls, ID

8+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Gaylen D

“Had new knee surgery second week of November and the therapy went well, not only was bending therapy done really well but was taught a new workout every session to help me in the future. I was able to do my bike riding rotations and walking much quicker than normal due to the PT keeping me motivated to work hard.”

- A M

“First therapist I’ve had who treats me more like a personal trainer than your run of the mill therapist. I went from barely being able to walk from a herniated lumbar disc to weightlifting again and lost 10 lbs. Highly recommended.”

- Corinne A

“As a long time CrossFitter and coach, I really appreciate having a PT who knows the kind of fitness I want for my body. I worked with him through a cranky achilles tendon and later my knee that has always given me trouble because of an old sprain from my teens. “