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Back Pain

Dr. Jeff Denning, DPT, Cert-CMFA
Owner and Founder of Invictus Rx

A Message From Jeff Denning, DPT, Cert-CMFA, TPI Power 2 Certified, Owner and Founder of Invictus Rx

It’s common to believe that back pain is insignificant and will go away on its own. It’s also common to blame it on “awkward sleeping,” a “spasm,” or something “everyone” suffers from at some point…

There is no obvious reason for it, but it does not appear to be changing!

If this is happening to you, you are not alone; we hear stories like this all the time. In fact, the most common problem we see in our clinic is lower back pain and sciatica!

And when it comes to living with back pain, everyone we see is curious…

“How Come This Is Happening to Me?” or, “Why Am I Still in Pain After Putting up With It for 3-6 Months? (Sometimes Longer!)”

When we experience back pain, the majority of us believe it will go away on its own. We believe there is a magical moment when you wake up one morning and your problem has vanished. But 6 months later, you’re dealing with even worse chronic back pain – often much worse than you were before.

Does That Describe You?

One of the most frustrating things we see in our clinic is people coming in with chronic lower back pain and telling us their previous doctor told them to “rest” and take pain relievers. What is the issue? It’s not working! They would have returned to their doctor, frustrated and in pain, if they had not visited our clinic.

Has Something Similar Happened to You?

It’s difficult to know what’s best for your back pain. You’ve been told so many different things by people in positions of authority. Unfortunately, the majority of it is useless!

It’s not just about what you do when it hurts, but also how frequently you do it. The more frequently an area becomes weaker or an injury worsens as a result of poor movement and posture, the more difficult it will be to work that part of your body. If we do not take steps to restore balance through strengthening exercises designed specifically for those areas, you will experience chronic pain.

Back pain is often a confusing issue that people just accept as “the way things are”. What else could explain why backache lasts so long? It can be difficult to know what to do because there have been so many different instructions given by different sources, with little credibility behind them all!

Do You Have the Same Thoughts?

If You Have Back Pain, Here Are 7 More Reasons Why It May Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

1. You believed it would go away on its own, but it didn’t

2. The physicians prescribed rest and medications, but neither helped your back; as soon as the drugs wore off, the persistent pain returned.

3. You just accepted the fact that everyone suffers back discomfort as they age.

4. In the past, you’ve tried physical therapists or other medical specialists, but nothing they said or did seemed to help.

5. Your attempts to perform the exercises on YouTube either failed or made your back ache ten times worse.

6. Since your back pain was so severe, you believed that resting would help, but all that happened was to make matters worse.

7. You made the decision to get a couple “massages” in the hopes that they would help the pain, but all they did was make you feel comfortable and relaxed and did nothing to alleviate it permanently.

You’ve previously tried everything, but it still aches. You don’t have to continue to endure pain.

If any of these things have happened to you, we would be happy to assist you by inviting you to speak with one of our qualified back specialists for free over the phone. These professionals specialize in helping people just like you find relief from their chronic low-back pain issues.

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“How Can I Get Rid of My Back Pain Fast?” …

So, here are four things you can do:

1. First and foremost, you must decide whether or not to seek assistance: Thinking that your back pain will simply go away with time is a big mistake. As many of us know, it doesn’t work that way, and you’ll still be putting up with an uncomfortable situation six months later when what you really need is a program that WORKS combined with some simple changes in your daily life to avoid repeating this cycle!

2. Do the RIGHT exercises: The right series of exercises prescribed by a physiotherapist will help reduce your back pain and restore your freedom of movement. These are some excellent methods for getting rid of it quickly, so don’t delay!

3. Avoid long periods of sitting and rest: Sitting on a sofa for too long can aggravate your back pain. You need more movement and exercise, as well as hands-on treatment from physical therapists who understand how important it is to get healthy as soon as possible!

4. Get real, “hands-on” Physical Therapy: Physical therapy can make a huge difference in the lives of people suffering from low-back pain. At Invictus Rx, this is a common injury that we want to help you get relief from as soon as possible!

Do you want to know how we can help you get back up and running? Call or visit one of our clinics today for a completely free, no-obligation appointment!

Note: We offer this free Total Body Diagnostic session to people who are nervous or skeptical about Physical Therapy, unsure of its benefits or if it is right for them. If this describes you, please begin with a Free Total Body Diagnostic session so that we can work with you to determine what is wrong and what can be done – with no financial risk to you.

So Here’s the Next Question:

“How Can Seeing a Physical Therapist at Invictus Rx Help You Get Rid of Your Back Pain - Within the Next Few Days?”

Here are a few examples of what our Physical Therapy Team can do for you:

We want to make you feel better. Our goal is to have your pain and stiffness gone in a few sessions, so we’ll work hard with you on this journey!

Did you know we can figure out what’s going on and get to the bottom of your back pain once and for all? Frequently in under 20 minutes!

The pain you experience at night may reduce your energy levels during the day. We provide soothing techniques that promote restful sleep and increased daytime productivity for a higher quality of life.

You can expect a quick recovery from your injury with our help. And with the right set of exercises designed specifically for what’s going on right now, it’ll happen faster than you thought.

Many people take pain relievers for their aches and pains, but there is an alternative. We can assist you in discontinuing all of those harmful medications that will only make matters worse in the long run.

Although spinal surgery is never pleasant, there are ways to avoid it. With physical therapy, we can help you get back on your feet and avoid injections.

We can teach you how to avoid the doctor’s waiting room and reduce repeat visits so that you don’t need your medication.

Our team is committed to ensuring that you can not only live but also enjoy your life! We will do everything in our power to ensure your full recovery.

You will no longer toss and turn in your sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed.

We can help you sit more comfortably and walk for more than 15 minutes without feeling weak or pain in your back.

Essentially, we can assist you in resuming your life free of the curse of chronic back pain.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Invictus Rx in Idaho Falls, ID

8+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Gaylen D

“Had new knee surgery second week of November and the therapy went well, not only was bending therapy done really well but was taught a new workout every session to help me in the future. I was able to do my bike riding rotations and walking much quicker than normal due to the PT keeping me motivated to work hard.”

- A M

“First therapist I’ve had who treats me more like a personal trainer than your run of the mill therapist. I went from barely being able to walk from a herniated lumbar disc to weightlifting again and lost 10 lbs. Highly recommended.”

- Corinne A

“As a long time CrossFitter and coach, I really appreciate having a PT who knows the kind of fitness I want for my body. I worked with him through a cranky achilles tendon and later my knee that has always given me trouble because of an old sprain from my teens. “