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Fitness Athlete

CrossFit and other functional fitness athletes push their bodies through incredibly high demands of their sport.

And that’s okay! It’s amazing, in fact. They are becoming incredibly strong, robust human beings.

But naturally, as in any sport, sometimes injuries come up. And that's okay too! The only problem is that a lot of healthcare providers advice when it comes to injuries is to...

Rest it.
Heat/ice it
Take some medication
Stop doing CrossFit, Orange Theory, F45, or any other bootcamp style classes
And to be blunt, that is terrible advice. Resting and just seeing if it gets better is not how you fix things. We also understand that telling you to stop doing CrossFit is also like telling you to stop breathing. It’s not going to happen! So we’re actually going to work with you, meet you where you’re at, find ways to keep you going to class, and come back even stronger.

So if you want help from someone that...

Practices what they preach
Understands the complex movements and demands that CrossFit athletes have
Will do everything we can to work THROUGH your injury with you, keep you training WHILE injured, and come out stronger on the other side
Can work with you long-term on any other performance goals that you have
Then we might be a good fit to work together!